Best Roofing Bus

December 10, 2015

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Have you ever seen a Best Roofing Bus? Do you know why they are used? The typical use for a school bus is to transport students from their home to their assigned school.  Well, at Best Roofing our buses are used to transport the crews from the warehouse to the job sites.

This started back in 1979 when Gregg Wallick, CEO and President, had his first big job. At the time he only had three full time employees; however with the help of his old High School’s football team he was able to acquire more help and complete the job. He decided that the best way to transport the team to the job site was via the school bus; this happened every weekend during the course of the job. That is how the idea came about. It is a safe and easy way to make sure that the crew members arrive all together and on time.

This year Best Roofing added a 1966 Bristol Lodekka Double Decker English bus to its fleet. It was purchased from a private seller in West Palm Beach and is now located at our Miami Office. The bus was restored to near original condition. Come see our newest yard art, located off the Palmetto and in between 36th and 58th Street.