Let's Ask Gregg

Tile or Metal Roofing?

Two great roof systems, but which is right for you? Watch to find out more before you sign the contract!

Steps to replacing your roof

Replacing your roof can be quite the daunting task, but it eventually needs to be replaced. Watch this short video to help you streamline th

Insurance Companies are demanding I replace my roof.

Watch this video to find out what options you have when your insurance companies are asking to replace your roof.

Modified Bitumen Roofs 

Watch this short video to learn more on modified bitumen roofs.

What is TPO?

Thermoplastic Polyolefin, what is it and is it good on your roof?

Built Up Roof

What is a built up roof and is it good in 2024?

Steps to prevent a roof collapse

Here are some important steps to prevent a commercial roof from collapsing

How to prepare for Hurricane Season!

During a heavy rainstorm, it is important to keep a few things in mind to stay safe. Here are some tips to help you navigate the storm

What to do during a rainstorm 

During a heavy rainstorm, it is important to keep a few things in mind to stay safe. Here are some tips to help you navigate the storm.

What is a maintenance agreement? 

Maintenance agreement and warranties are two different coverages. Watch this video to find out the differences.

Home owners association fess has been on the rise and we are here to tell you what's happening in today's legislation. If you guys have an

Since 1978, Best Roofing has served South Florida's commercial, industrial, and multi-family housing community on roof repairs, restoration

Why does BEST ROOFING use a BUS 

Have you ever wonderd what the story is behind the flaming Best Roofing Bus? This is the story on how Greggs humble beginnings came to be a

On this new episode, Gregg gave us an explanation on the pros and cons of coatings and how to make the right choice for your roof!

How Do You Flash Complicated Areas On a Roof?

On this weeks episode, we ask Gregg what flashing is and how to flash complicated areas on a roof.

Different Types of Roof Shingles 

On this episode, we ask Gregg what are the different types of Roof Shingles and what is best for your roof.

What is the purpose of an underlayment? 

On this episode, we asked Gregg what the purpose of an underlayment is and how it affects your roof.

When Should I Do a Moisture Survey on my Roof? 

On this episode, we asked Gregg when should a client get a moisture survey on their roof. This is extremely important!

Everything you Need to Know About Hot Mopping

On this episode Gregg, explain to us the reason why Hot Mopping may not be the best option for your roof.

Leaky Roofs & Motorcycle Gangs? 

Today Gregg told us a story of one of the most unusual scenarios he has ever come across when handling a roof leak.

Unusual Object Found on a Roof During an Inspection!

Today we asked Gregg, what is the most unusual object you have found on a roof?

Is It Bad to have Skylights on my Roof?

Is it ever a good idea to have skylights on a roof?

Ponding Conditions

On this new episode Gregg gave us a brief explanation on what exactly are ponding conditions and is it something to actually be concerned ab

What do you do if you find algae on your roof? 

Did you ever asked yourself if algae could affect your roof? Make sure to watch the full video so you never run into any problems.

Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

Today on Let's Ask Gregg, we learned when is the best time of the year for a business, a retail shop, a company, or a condominium to do a ro

Why Does my Roof have Blisters?

What are blisters on a roof and what should someone do when they see one?

All About Our Continuing Education Courses 

We have developed a series of Free educational classes that we offer at our corporate headquarters throughout the year. We have put together

Learn more about how we train our roofers! 

On this new episode, Gregg gave us a brief explanation on how we here at Best Roofing train all of our team members. If you have any ques

The Best Metal Shop Launch!

The Best Metal is NOW OPEN! Everything you need to know about The Best Metal Shop is right here: https://www.thebestmetal.com/‚Äč If yo

What is the 15 year roof insurance roof in Florida? 

Companies could be blocked from denying coverage because of a roof's age if the roof is less than 15 years old

What is an underlayment

Gregg goes over various underlayment and explains how they protect your roof. Watch this video to find out more

What is a lightweight concrete roof?

Lightweight concrete roofs are durable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance. Consider this option for a long-lasting and cost-effective ro

How to determine the life of a roof

Do you know where your roof is in its lifecycle?

Maintenance and Slope Roofs 

Today Gregg speaks on maintenance on a slope roof and what needs to be done

What is a roofing moisture survey 

In this video you will learn about moisture survey and when you will need to get one.

Do I Need an Inspection on a New Roof?

Gregg explained to us why would someone with a new roof may need an inspection and the benefits of it all.

Insurance Process After a Hurricane

Gregg describes the procedures to take after a hurricane if your roof has been damage. Watch this video to find out more

Roofs are a lot like pizza?

Gregg describes how building a roof is like building a pizza. They both consist of layers that need to be built up. Find out more here!

How bad is my roof?

A lot of the times, building owners really don't know how bad their roofs are. Gregg talks about what to look out for and when to get your r

How to repair and maintain a shingle roof

Often times shingle roofs are repaired and maintained improperly. Gregg goes over the steps and what to avoid when maintaining your shingle

Durability and Cost of 3 Different Roofing Systems

Gregg discussed a few of the difference between shingle roof, metal roof, and tile roof

 How to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor

How to determine the right contractor for your project

Why you should keep your roof drains clean

Clogged drains can lead to many issues. Leaving them clogged can lead to severe issues. Watch this video to avoid a failure on your building

What caused the surfside building collapse?

Gregg Wallick discusses the tragedy of the building that collapsed at Surfside Miami Florida. Gregg goes over what could have been done to p

Picking the right metal for your roof!

There are various types of metal that can be installed onto a roof. Watch this video to learn which metal is right for your building and loc

Different types of Shingles

There are various types of shingles and choosing one is quite difficult if you don't know what to look for. Gregg goes over various types in

Fluid Applied Flashing for Complicated Areas

What is it and how does it work for those tight crannies.

How are gutters implemented into a roof system

Gregg dives deep into gutters and how important it is to have the right system in place for your building.

How important is it to have slope on a flat roof