Best Roofing Helps Save Roof at Baer’s Furniture

February 02, 2011

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The retail industry needs all the support it can get in this economy, and Best Roofing is committed to providing top quality service to South Florida retailers. Any type of damaged roof system can cause major issues for a retailer. A leaky roof can be detrimental to a retail business, and protecting the merchandise takes top priority for this type of project.

Baer’s furniture has locations for furniture showrooms and distribution centers spanning all of South Florida. The furniture company called on the skilled roof technicians at Best Roofing to help them repair their system in two South Florida locations. The showroom site presented a special challenge, as it tied into an old section of the old saved roof. Best Roofing was successful in installing a TPO roofing system with a total duration of 10 days, covering 32,302 square feet. Next, they installed another TPO roofing system at the distribution site, where they were having trouble with their metal roofing system for years. This project took 21 days, covering 68,000 square feet. Both roofing systems have a 15-year warranty.

Customer service and client satisfaction are what makes Best Roofing the company it is today. Baer’s furniture was thrilled with the end result of the roofing project, summed up in a statement from Sr. Vice President Baer’s Furniture Co. Ron Baer, “We ran into significant deck issues. Best Roofing remedied the situation with minimal disruption to the operation of my business.” Best Roofing continues to provide impeccable service, and has been for over 30 years to the South Florida area. Best Roofing is one of the most respected roofing contractors in the state, upholding a customer service philosophy and standards that have kept business strong since 1978. Let one of our experts help you today, for more information call 888-723-BEST.