Best Roofing: Miami Condo Collective

March 05, 2018

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This year's Miami Condo held a seminar to partner with individuals who believed in empowering through education leads, as they offered responsible decision-making and delivered better association leadership. As everyone bought varying skill sets and backgrounds to the group, they shared common values and integrity. The goal was to make you an instant expert and provide solid tools to achieve successful project outcomes. The schedule included a variety of guest speakers with solid back rounds in; banking, consultants, roofing, and condo management. Our President at Best Miami Commercial Roofing company Gregg Wallick informed the audience that "better bidding procedures" achieves lower project costs by keeping the bidding process fair and transparent. By the end of the seminar, the property managers who attended walked away with an improved understanding of better budgeting a construction project and common missteps in a project. In additional to attending; and enjoying a buffet lunch, they received credential hours.