Broward County Health Loves New Roof

October 14, 2010

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A professional roof installation at any healthcare facility comes with several delicate limitations to consider; noise control and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. At Best Roofing, we take extreme care in providing expeditious service without compromising safety.

The expert Fort Lauderdale roofing contractors at Best Roofing tackled the project at Broward County Health in just five days, implementing special measures to reduce noise and disruption for the facility during peak service hours. To maintain the highest possible level of sanitation during the roof restoration, workers made sure to regularly clean the site to avoid the more agitating elements of construction, such as clutter and odor.

This new roof installation utilized both the tile roofing and modified bitumen roofing systems. Tile roofs offer a pleasant aesthetic appearance and are cost effective, while modified bitumen is designed to withstand harsh exposure to extreme environmental elements. This combination is both strong and complimentary for the 2,720 square-foot facility, justifying the twenty-year warranty. Best Roofing can recommend the appropriate roofing system for any project, be it a luxury car dealership or a multi-family condominium.

Broward Health reported that they are “Happy with Best Roofing’s professional crew and would use Best Roofing again.” This is just one of the many happy customers our premier Fort Lauderdale roofing company has served. While special challenges exist for healthcare facilities, Best Roofing guarantees their work to be discreet, sanitary and virtually undetectable to guarantee that patient care can continue without interruption. Contact a roofing expert today at 888.723.BEST!