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October 25, 2011

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Did you know?

Every day above 64 degrees°F is considered a cooling-degree day, while every day below 64 degrees°F is considered a heating-degree day.  This temperature defines when building owners have to rely on expensive utilities to control the climate within their buildings.  Knowing your climate is of paramount importance when deciding which roof system would be the most energy-efficient option.

Do you know where your roof is?

We use an innovative roof life-cycle analysis program that calculates and compares building energy and maintenance costs based on various roof assemblies.  For instance  the report provides in a comprehensive easy to read full color format:

  • Quantify total life-cycle savings over the life span of the roof
  • Diagram potential heating and cooling savings for the building owner
  • Identify assemblies for maximum ROI in your specific climate
  • Demonstrates how to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Pinpoints optimum R-values for maximum long-term return
  • Generates reliable data compiled by the USDOE, NRCA and ASHRAE