El Niño Causing Havoc

December 23, 2015

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The Southern parts of the US from coast to coast have been experiencing an unusual amount of rain so far this winter and experts are saying that it is due to “El Niño”. According to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), El Niño is defined by a continued warming in the Pacific Ocean temperatures when compared with the average value. This warming typically happens at irregular intervals of two to seven years and can last somewhere from nine months to two years. Earlier this year the federal agency issued the US Winter Outlook favoring cooler and wetter weather in the Southern states and with above average temperatures most likely in the West and across Northern states.

What areas will be affected? The precipitation standpoint, NOAA notes that “wetter than average conditions will stretch from the Southern California through Texas and Florida.

A little bit of rain is not what causes issues. However when a roof has been neglected over the years, and major downpours (like the ones we have been experiencing) occur; the roof membrane can be lifted up by the wind resulting in multiple holes. This is where the problem begins!

At Best Roofing, we offer a free inspection report. This inspection report is a way to check for emergency and remedial repairs that your building would need. Along with that free inspection, Best Roofing provides a commercial warranty program. This program includes an annual inspection, an inspection report with before and after photos as well as notify of any non-covered issues of concern, a letter grade for the roof. Maintenance is done at the same time as the yearly inspection. Some examples of the maintenance that would help extend the life of the roof are; topping off pitch pans, checking flashings, coating flashings, cocking counter flashings and any debris removal that would be necessary. Another plus to our warranty program is that manufacture warranties require regular maintenance to keep warranty active; and this is a way to assure that there are no lapse in the warranty.

It is better to be pro-active and not reactive. Call us to schedule your free roof inspection (888)723-BEST.

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