How to Clean a Roof

April 10, 2015

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How to clean a roof

A quality roof should last about 25-30 years. No one really thinks to clean their roof and there isn’t a one way to clean it either. Cleaning roof can be very easy.

Most people turn to power washers to clean the roof. While this may be a common belief, it could actually damage your roof tiles and strip the surface granules from the tiles. This takes away years of your roof’s lifespan. Granules support your roof to protect your building from rain, wind, sun and etc. Flooding is also a risk.  It can also lead to water being forced into the underfelt of the tile and this could eventually reach insulation and electrical wires.

DON’T use chlorine bleach. Bleach can severely damage roofs and corrode roof fixtures.no_bleach

Using a roof cleaner would be the best option. Try a roof-cleaning product that’s noncorrosive and that is also safe for the environment like Roof-A-Cide. Roof-A-Cide is the only EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved algaecide / fungicide specifically designed and approved for use on roofs.

With the right cleaner, all you have to do is spray and let it sit. When the next rainfall comes it will rinse off the cleaner. Or you can rinse it off yourself.

check-weatherBe sure to check the weather to make sure you’re in the clear of any bad weather.

  1. Soak a large area of your roof with the Roof-A-Cide. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Spray until you see the cleaner dripping off the roof.
  2. Rinse the roof but be sure to rinse like you are vacuuming. This helps the water get in the angles and blast off any dirt.

Simple right? Please use caution and always call a professional if you don’t feel comfortable. If you can clean your roof without actually going up on the roof this would be ideal, this way you are not at risk of falling.