Is Your Roof Guarantee Full of Holes?

August 17, 2011

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Over 40% of roof leaks are NOT covered by "typical" roof guarantees!   Not all roof guarantees are alike. In fact, the "typical" no-dollar-limit (NDL) guarantee excludes coverage for many of the most common causes of leaks- causes that result in more than 4 out of 10 roof leaks. So often, when you have a serious problem, you're out of luck.









These vulnerable areas are typically NOT covered by roof guarantees....

Metal Flashings
Joints can leak, the metal itself can rust, or they can be improperly installed, causing leaks.








Flexible Wall Flashings
Can delaminate from the wall, slide off the wall (due to gravity), resulting in leaks and finger-pointer between the manufacturer and contractor.








Roof Penetrations (pitch pans, vents, drains, expansion joints, etc.)
Pitch pockets leak due to lack of maintenance; other roof penetrations can be improperly flashed, causing leaks.








Blisters in Membrane
Blisters form due to moisture vapor within the roofing assembly and can open (or be punctured by rooftop traffic), causing leaks.







Ponding Water
Speeds up the aging of the membrane and automatically voids most roof guarantees; also, exacerbates property damage from any water leak.









Roof Insulation (under membrane)
Can cup, curl, shrink, or delaminate, resulting in membrane attachment problems and ultimately leaks (or even premature failure of the entire roofing system).








So what can you DO?

  1. Perform regular roof inspections and necessary maintenance with a roofing contractor - which are required by all reputable manufacturers to maintain guarantee coverage.
  2. Limit the amount of traffic on your roof.  (we give all our clients "Maintenance Stop Signs" that are self-adhesive to help avoid unauthorized repairs & possible voiding of your guarantee.
  3. Have a yearly maintenance agreement with a contractor -make sure they send you maintenance reminders during your yearly contract.