Marriott West Palm Beach Gets Roof Replacement from Best Roofing

October 05, 2010

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When guests are spending the night away from home, they want assurance that their experience will be a pleasant one.  They don’t want disruptions such as loud noises or construction areas around their hotel.  This is why when the Marriott West Palm Beach chose to do a roof replacement using roofing contractors with skill and speed; they chose Best Roofing for the job.

Hotel roof installation can be quite challenging when you have such issues such as building height, noise reduction, high winds and accessibility.  All of these requirements in addition to maintaining a tight work schedule were no obstacle for Best Roofing.

This roofing project in Palm Beach County consisted of over 32,500 square feet and Best Roofing got it done in only 60 days.  This kept the hotel guests happy as well as Marriott’s Alfredo Diaz who said, “There were no problems with Best Roofing.  They were great to work with.  They had professional and organized managers and crew.”

Best Roofing used a modified bitumen roof that is considered a quality “hybrid” system.  It features a built-up roof that promotes quality assurance and reduced labor required for the roof installation.  This product has a 20-Year Warranty that will help ensure the hotel and its guests years of protection and enjoyable stays.

When you begin your search for a quality roofing company for your multifamily and hotel roofing projects, contact the professionals at Best Roofing at 1-888-723-BEST.  They will provide you with fast, quality service whether you need a roof repair, roof replacement or a complete roof installation.  Let their roofing experts take care of you!