New Roof Protects Fort Lauderdale Auto Dealership

September 17, 2010

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Auto dealerships are places that highly value aesthetic beauty, with rows and rows of cars organized and lined up to gleam perfectly in the sunlight. The building on the auto dealership holds offices, important paperwork and showroom automobiles – and without proper protection, can sustain unprecedented damage. Protecting a building from the elements starts with the roof, and Best Roofing has been in business for over 30 years, providing roof maintenance and services to auto dealerships throughout South Florida.

When Lipton Toyota in Fort Lauderdale needed a replacement for their roof, Best Roofing installed a modified bitumen roof to the 53,240 square foot facility. During the project, Best Roofing’s expert team of professionals worked carefully around the many cars that line the property. The roofing project took 40 days and the new roof comes with a 20-Year Warranty. John Degrosa of Lipton Toyota says, “Best got the job done on time. I always appreciate the good job that Best Roofing does.”

Best Roofing has helped clients improve the value of their property by providing superior materials and workmanship on roof restorations, roof repairs and roof replacements. Best Roofing specializes in identifying and correcting problems like leaks prior to a roof system failure – saving you thousands of dollars. To expedite the process, Best Roofing has its own fleet of vehicles, including debris removal trucks and cranes, so any project is done instantly without having to wait on other contractors.

When you contact Best Roofing, the staff will be accessible to you throughout your roofing project, and ensure routine maintenance afterwards so you can rest easy that your building will be protected.