Understanding the impact of South Florida's SB-4D Legislative Law on Roofing Regulations

January 19, 2023

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In May of 2022, the state of Florida passed a new legislation law known as SB-4D. This law has significant implications for building owners and managers in South Florida, particularly when it comes to the inspection and maintenance of their roofs.

SB-4D, also known as the "Florida Building Inspection and Maintenance Act," made it mandatory for all Florida condominium and cooperative buildings, three stories or higher, to undergo milestone inspections, structural inspections, and submit specific information to the DBPR

The purpose of this legislation in relation to roofs is to ensure the safety and integrity of the roofs of commercial and multi-family buildings in the state of Florida three stories or higher.

The law requires building owners and managers to maintain a record of all inspections, repairs, and maintenance performed. This documentation must be made available to the state and local authorities upon request.

Overall, SB-4D is a positive step towards ensuring the safety and longevity of the buildings including roofs of commercial and multi-family buildings in Florida. Building owners and managers in South Florida will have to comply with the new law by scheduling a roof inspection and ensuring that any necessary repairs or maintenance are performed in a timely manner. This will help to ensure the safety of the building's occupants and protect the building's integrity and value over time.

Going forward, a regular roof inspection is recommended to identify potential issues before they become major problems, such as leaks or structural damage. This can help to prevent costly repairs and potential safety hazards in the future.