Best Roofing was contracted to restore the metal roofing system on one of the club's buildings and after completion we provided a ten year labor and material warranty.

Adios Golf Club is a private club featuring an Arnold Palmer- design 18-hole championship golf course.

The property that became Adios Golf Club (Originally, the club was to be named "Dog's Run", but was later changed to Adios Golf Club in memory of Delvin Miller's great racing trotter, Adios.),
had been owned Eleanor Ritchey, the daughter of Claude and Sophie Ritchey and the grand-daughter of Philip John Bayer, founder of the Quaker State Oil Refining Company.

Eleanor never married and never had children, but she had lots of dogs. At the time of her death in 1968, Eleanor had 150 dogs on the property that is now Adios Golf Club. When her will was recorded two weeks later, it was learned that the dogs got everything.

Broward National Bank of Ft. Lauderdale was named trustee of her estate and instructed the bank to supervise the dog ranch. Delvin Miller, together with Wendy's founder Dave Thomas, Arnold Palmer, Yankee's Hall of Fame pitcher Whitey Ford, Boston Celtics Owner Harry Mangurian, Orvis Milner, Henry Martin and nine others formed the founding membership of Adios Golf Club. Arnold was asked to design the course and construction began in 1982.

Sq. Footage: 11,100
Roof System: GAF Topcoat System
Project Duration:
Warranty: 10 Years
Special Challenge: