For over two decades, Best Roofing has been more been a dedicated partner of Baer's Furniture. Spanning across Baer's 14 locations, we have always dedicated unmatched time and skill to ensure these properties stay dry.

Diverse Roofing Needs:

Florida's architecture often demands different roofing structures:

  • Sloped Roofs with Tiles: Baer's showrooms, designed to impress and attract, sport sloped roofs with premium tiles. They're more than aesthetics; they're functional, efficiently directing water away.
  • Flat Roofs: Many building with a large footprint require a flat roof instead of a slopped roof. With our flat roofs, Baer's Furniture has maximized storage without compromising on protection.
  • Energy-saving Roofs: Florida's sun is both a boon and a bane. Baer's outlets benefit from the use of highly reflective TPO roofing systems on many of their buildings. Using roofs that reflect heat help to ensure interiors remain cooler without hefty air-conditioning bills.

Florida's Roofing Challenge:

Know for it's extreme weather, Florida presents many unique challenges for roofing:

  • Blazing Summers: The intense sun can degrade roofs, making them weak and less efficient.
  • Heavy Rainfalls: Torrential rain can find the smallest gaps, leading to leaks and water damage.
  • Hurricanes: Strong winds and flying debris are any roof's nightmare.

Our work with Baer's wasn't just about installing roofs; it was about understanding these challenges and crafting solutions for them. Replacing a roof in Florida isn't just laying new tiles or sheets. It's a strategic process that requires exceptional skill, especially when there's potential for rain.

When replacing your roof in Florida, you must stay prepared for unexpected rain storms. Typical roof replacement might involve completely removing the old roof first, In Florida we often remove only sections at a time. Staying prepared for unexpected rain is the only way to prevent costly water damage to your building and it's contents.

To avoid such scenarios, we have developed a system. At any point during our work, a significant portion of the building remains shielded, ready to defend against Florida's unpredictable weather.

Regular Care and Quick Fixes:

Our relationship with Baer's is built on trust. Every year, our team checks on their roofs. Minor issues are fixed promptly, ensuring they don't snowball into major problems. If there's an unexpected issue, like after a heavy storm or hurricane, Baer's knows they can count on us to be there swiftly, addressing the problem.

In Conclusion:

Roofing, especially in a challenging state like Florida, is as much about skill as it is about understanding. Over the last 20 years, we've dedicated our teams to provide Baer's Furniture with roofing solutions that aren't just about shelter but about longevity, safety, and energy efficiency.

Baer's Furniture stands as a testament to quality in Florida. And as they've ensured that Floridians have quality furniture, we've ensured they have quality roofs over their heads.BAER'S DISTRIBUTION

Sq. Footage: 68,000
Roof System: TPO Roofing System
Project Duration: 21 Days
Warranty: 15 Years
Special Challenge: "We had problems with the metal roof over our distribution center for years. Best Roofing figured out a great solution at a reasonable price"


Sq. Footage: 32,302
Roof System: TPO Roofing System
Project Duration: 10 Days
Warranty: 15 Years

Special Challenge: "We discovered many areas where the roof deck needed to be be repaired before the new system was installed. Best Roofing completed the work with minimum disruption to the operation of my business" Ron Baer, Sr. Vice President Baer's Furniture Co.