Boca Community Church is an interactive and modern Christian church located in Boca Raton, FL. Over one hundred participants meet at this church during multiple times of the week. They worship Christ in a fun, but, respectful way. Inside the building, you'll find a nice stage where the church band performs contemporary music styles using instruments such as keyboard, electric/acoustic/bass guitars, drums, and percussion. Boca Community Church not only provides a great space to pray, but, also offers different services to the community such as: a nursery for children between the ages of newborn to five years old, groups and seminars for adults and children going through divorce and much more.

Sq. Ft: 23,214
Duration: 79 days
Warranty: 20 year NDL

Challenge: Removing the old roof tile due to the roof structure and working on a limited space underneath this same roof section which was approximately three feet high.