Bonaire Village Condominium, located in Delray Beach, originated 43 years ago. Although residents do live there year-round, this area is highly populated for snowbirds. Who stay in this area five months of the year. When Best Roofing first visited the job site for a free roof analysis, they had inspected some wet areas that might have led to water damage. When it was time for the roof repair, Best Roofing Servicing Palm Beach directed them in the right direction on what was needed and how important waterproofing would be. The square footage of this condominium was 13,242 square feet. The job took approximately six weeks. During their time there about 800 square feet was a wet area. Before any layers of coding were installed, we had to make sure it was taken care of before the job continued. Our team worked hard, exceeding the customers' expectations and ensuring a quality experience. Best Roofing provided another satisfied client with a 10-year system warranty!

  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Warranty: 10 Year System Warranty
  • Square Feet: 13,242 SQ