Florida Keys Outlet Center, is located conveniently at the end of Florida's Turnpike on US 1, houses 50 unique outlet retail stores in an open-air Spanish styled building structure. From previous experiences, working in retail can be very challenging at times, as a roofing company we had to work around the operating businesses below that all had exposed ceiling. Therefore we had to cover all of their merchandise and coordinate daily with each tenant, and with this project there were 15 tenants.

It was a challenge itself and the challenges mother nature brought us during the course of the 60 day project were difficult and this was only phase one. During those 2 months, we removed and re-installed a new certified lighting projection system, the roof system is a 59,000 sq. ft. Carlisle TPO Roofing System they have a 5 year Best Roofing Warranty and a 15 year NDL Labor and Material. The project does have a happy ending since there were no cost overruns for our clients and we're beginning to prepare ourselves.