Boca Raton has a rich blend of corporate and regional headquarters, small businesses, and innovative start- up companies. There are economic opportunities for all types of companies and businesses. International Plaza is located right off Palmetto Park Road. There are two buildings in total. The property is based around business and rental properties.

Best Roofing faced some challenges, however as Hurricane Irma was approaching during the preparation for the job, the workers had to dismantle the equipment and material they had already set up prior to installing a new roof. Once we were in the clear from the Hurricane, we reloaded the materials. Since this building was higher than most previous job sites, it required a lift on the back of the building, and multiple cranes to be able to get equipment to the top. International Plaza is all windows, so during the time of repair Best Roofing, had to be extra careful no windows were shattered. In the meantime, the job was during business hours, which meant coordinating parking with employees. But, in between the setbacks, Best Roofing commercial company made sure to delivery in on time and provide the best quality to make our customer satisfied.

  • Square Feet: 12,693 Square Feet
  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Warranty: Tile Warranty (Limited Lifetime)