Ives Dairy Self Storage is conveniently located east of I-95, between NE 15th Court and NE 205th Street in Miami. Ives Dairy self-storage units is a mini storage facility with all the necessities to ensure that your items are safe, secured and accessible 24 hours. The pre-existing roof was there for practically 20 years. The roof had excessive leakage, thus the roof was quickly deteriorating. The owners needed to resolve this issue as it became detrimental to their staff, customers, as well as, their property. When one is faced with a roofing problem, the Best Team is at the top of the contact list. The forensic roofing specialist carefully performed a FREE roof inspection to the client with a thorough analysis. The Best Roofing team was then contracted in December of 2015 to remove and replace the material of the flat deck on two of their storage units. The first challenge that the forensic roofing specialist encountered was the deteriorated roof that was extremely fragile due to excessive ponding. Therefore, extreme caution was necessary to prevent a collapsing roof. Usually, the thickness of a roof ranges from 0.5in- 1.5in in thickness. The Ives Dairy Storage roof was approximately six inches thick, which required additional equipment to proceed in the tear off process. Since the Best team was dealing with customer's personal property, they had to ensure that dust and debris would not damage the property. The storage unit is conveniently opened to their customers 24 hours. What does that mean for the forensic roofing specialist? Well, to ensure safety of patrons and their property, the Best Team first installed safety nets and plastic coverings in the interior of all storage ceilings. The client was very pleased to witness the accommodations that were made so their customers were not affected by any of the renovations. In addition, new scuppers were installed to aid and accommodate better drainage and extend the life expectancy of the roof. The Ives Dairy storage units are approximately 55,336 square feet and was completed in March 2016. The client was very pleased with Best Roofing's work ethic. They produced quality work with integrity and remained efficient. Another happy customer at Best Roofing. The team is looking forward to maintaining a great relationship and working with them in the future!

  • Duration- One year
  • Warranty- 20 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Square Footage- 55,336