Established in 1858, Macy's is a department store that offers a first class selection of top fashion brands in over 740 stores operating coast-to-coast and online. Best Roofing had the privilege to perform a roof replacement on two of their stores, Macy's International Mall and Macy's Coral Square. Both of the projects were in progress during the peak of hurricane season. Consequently, the roofing experts faced unpredictable weather conditions, leading to many challenging days and nights trying to dry off the roofs to keep performing the job. Our teams had to keep track of the radar to be prepared for approaching thunderstorms, which is a very important detail to measure the amount of roof removal and installation that could be done efficiently. Although there were thunderstorms nearly every day, our teams were successful in working through with no leaks.

From previous experience, working in retail can be very challenging at times. As a commercial roofing company we had to work around the operating businesses hours. In the case of Macy's International Mall, the removal of the old roofing system and waste had to be downloaded by 9:30am, half an hour before the store opened. Due to the Macy's Coral Square mall being very busy during the day, our team had to load the new roof system at night and the removal of the existing roofing system had to be performed every day at 5:00am.

The scope of work for both of the projects was extensive. Our roofing specialists experienced a few challenges during these projects. At Macy's International Mall, asbestos was found along the entire parapet wall for which our roofing specialist had to obtain special training and medical evaluation prior to commencement of work. While in Macy's Coral Square, numerous bees and a big a quantity of honey were found inside of the walls for which we had to have the bees removed two to three times during the job.

Once these issues were resolved, our teams were properly equipped and ready to start the roof replacement on both properties. First, the entire roof was vacuumed to remove all of the gravel roof system down to the metal decking to proceed with the installation of a new vapor barrier over the metal decking. Then, the insulation was installed and fastened down to code to continue with the installation of the new Sarnafil membrane. Finally, new Sarnabars every 18" at the perimeters, 3' on the center and every 3' in the field were fastened every 6" oc with even greater enhancement at the perimeter and corner area where wind uplift if most severe. The design considerations and Best's workmanship were put to the test when Hurricane Irma hit as the projects were being completed. Due to Sarnafil Engineered System, the only system able to meet both the High Velocity Hurricane Zone design parameters and the 140mph Windspeed Warranty and Best Roofing's efficient roof installation, the roof suffered zero damage.

At Best Roofing, the mission is to continually exceed customers' expectations to ensure quality experience. Both of the projects received a 20 year system warranty. Another happy customer at Best Roofing. We are looking forward to maintaining a great relationship and working with Macy's in the future.

Macy's Coral Square:

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Square feet: 76,984

Macy's International Mall:

  • Duration: 6 months and 15 days
  • Square feet: 80,459