Northlake Village shopping plaza is located in Okeechobee, Florida on State Road 7. To begin, Best Roofing was contracted to replace the existing roofing on the shopping center to due multiple water leaks causing disruption to the below businesses. During the permitting process it was discovered that several areas of the existing roofing system had high contents of moisture trapped within the existing insulation causing a shift in the scope of work. This required removal and replacement of approximately 9,800 square feet vs recovering the existing assembly.

At Best Roofing the mission is too continually exceed customers' expectations to ensure a quality experience. The highly trained crewed worked with extreme caution to maintain the integrity of the mechanical equipment which belonged to the individual tenants. In addition, a John's Manville new highly upgraded energy efficient roofing system was used. The white roof membrane reduced the heat consumption and decreased energy cost. Northlake Village is an extremely populated plaza by local residents. As a result of the constant traffic, the roofing experts worked closely with tenants to establish safety and maintain efficiency.

At the request of the owner, the Best Roofing team increased manpower to accelerate the duration of the roof installation. The ownership expected a 5 week long duration. Best Roofing was able to deliver a quality product and exceeding ownerships expectations while rapidly completing the project in a short 3 week time frame.

Upon completion Best Roofing was able to provide another satisfied client with a 20 year labor and material roofing system!

  • Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Warranty: 20 year Labor & Material
  • Square Footage: 40,000 SF
  • Customer Experience: Outstanding