For those of you unfamiliar with the company Safari Ltd, they create hand painted animal toys. Safari Ltd was founded by Bernard and Rosemarie Rubel in 1982. After visiting The Munich Zoo in Germany, Bernard and Rosemarie decided to educate people by creating these custom toys of endangered animals. Throughout the years they have expanded their collection of hand painted animal toys. Since these products are carefully crafted with high quality materials for all types of consumers including collectors, Safari Ltd had to call Best Roofing.

Similar to Safari LTD, Best Roofing uses the best products available to our clients and we deliver high quality work. Safari Ltd chose a 20-year energy efficient roofing system. This installation called for removal of the existing roofing system down to the lightweight concrete. Next, we installed insulation boards which were mechanically fastened to the steel deck with fasteners. We completed this project by installing a TPO roofing system, which included a 5 year best roofing workmanship warranty and maintenance agreement. In addition to the 5-year Best Roofing warranty, the roof received a 20 year NDL manufacturer's warranty on the entire roof, which was 99,592 square feet! Very impressive work!