A gorgeous high-rise condominium located on Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach, Sunset Harbour is admired by those both on land and sea. Unfortunately their garage was leaking into an occupied area below causing problems for the residents. This is where Best Roofing came in - we were hired to remove the existing waterproofing (as shown in the video below) and replace it with a new Tremco Waterproofing System.

This is something that Best Roofing does on a regular basis without complication, however, on this project, logistically speaking, it appeared that the garage would have to be shut down for four weeks. Once on-site, Mike Varie, the Project Manager, had the opportunity to speak Property Manager, Delores Wolff, and Building Engineer, Ciro DeLosRios, and they expressed their displeasure at the inconvenience of 205 unit owners having to go a far distance out of their way to park their cars. Mike took this into consideration and came up with an alternate solution. If we could extend the project by just two weeks, we could break the work area into halves, leaving one lane open for traffic at all times. After working out a new strategy, including control of traffic flow, everyone was thrilled with the outcome.

This is a prime example of how sometimes the intimate details of a project don't present themselves until you are on-site working with the customer. Best Roofing is always prepared to adjust those details to ensure that the project is of little or no convenience to our clients or anyone else in the vicinity.