Located in North Miami, Techno Coatings was founded in 1981 by Saul Camargo providing electroplating services. He named it Techno Coatings, setting the stage to expand beyond plating in future years. Saul combined chemistry and artistic creativity to develop innovative gold alloys and plating colors never before seen in aircraft interiors. TECHNO COATINGS remains our core brand representing electroplating services. In 2009, Techno Coatings started a lean manufacturing transformation. To date, lean manufacturing continues to be the production philosophy used by our team to remove waste ranging from surplus production to underused talent. In 2014, they were known for excellence in manufacturing by the South Florida Manufacturers Association (SFMA). Their team was honored for their service within the aerospace finishing industry and was presented with the "Manufacturer of the Year Award". Acknowledged for achieving distinction in product quality, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction and style of process. With over 35 years of service, the Techno Coatings brand has grown to become the premier name in electroplating services for the aviation industry.

Best Roofing was contracted to replace the roof; prior to replacing the old roof, Best Roofing had to vacuum the gravel off the roof before they could start replacing it. With some jobs, there are challenges you will face. This company did have some very expensive pieces of art, so we had to make sure we worked carefully, and everything was protected. We also had to make sure there was no water damage that could potentially ruin the art pieces. Working in South Florida weather is very unpredictable with rainy season, there were times the job had to be rescheduled, but Miami's Best Commercial roofers, Best Roofing was able to make up for lost time and complete in a proper timeframe. Our team also had to work around Techno Coatings work schedule, so we didn't disturb work operations. This meant working odd hours throughout the week and working on weekends. What's most important is providing excellent service. Best Roofing was able to accomplish this job and gain another happy customer.

  • Duration: 2 ½ months
  • Warranty: 20 Year Material Warranty
  • Square Feet: 53,198 Square Feet