The balcony railings at the BB&T plaza in Coral Springs were an attractive touch to the look of the building, but nothing special. Or were they? If you were able to get a closer look, you would have seen that the honeycomb-like detail was actually accomplished by cementing barrel roof tiles together; certainly not something that you see every day. Unfortunately, over time, the cement that served as the glue holding everything together began to fail and tiles became loose, some even fell out, creating a dangerous situation for the cars and pedestrians below.

Best Roofing was brought in to prepare the railings for replacement by removing all of the nearly 1,200 square feet of roof tile from the railings, along with all of the scuppers below them. Upon removal, we had to grind out all of the remaining tile and concrete, replace all of the scuppers with new, and install a waterproofing system at the base of the railings. No big deal right? Wrong. Make no mistake, Best Roofing executed this project professionally and flawlessly, however, we certainly faced some challenges along the way such as working around the bank's hours, watering down the grinding dust to ensure that no vehicles were affected, and extremely narrow passageways.

Mark Rodriguez, the Best Roofing Project Manager, took the time required to lay out a plan that would get the job done in the safest, most efficient way for both the crews working on the job and the occupants of the building.