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Sloped Roof Installation 

Traditional Roof Slopes

Roof Slope can be a pivotal factor in when installing a roof. It is a style of design that deters water from collecting on the roof. Sloped roofs tend to be more aesthetically pleasing and longer-lasting than flat roofs. The slope of a roof is also known as the pitch. The slope (or pitch) of the roof is expressed either in percent or in the number of inches in vertical rise in relation to each 12" horizontal unit, known as the "run" (ex: 4" in 12' - 4 inches of vertical rise per 12 inches of horizontal run) A roof with an x number of rise/12 run slope means that for every 12 inches horizontally (run), it rises x number of inches.

Flat Roof 

2/12 inch pitch

Low Slope 

2/12 to 4/12 inch pitch

Conventional Slope Roof

4/12 to 9/12 inch pitch

Steep Slope 

9/12 inch or higher pitch

Sloped Roofs Are Very Similar to Slopes in Algebra

The price of the installation is related to the steepness of the slope itself. The steeper the slope of the roof, the more it costs to install. It also requires a great degree of expertise to correctly install a sloped roof without any imperfections or weak spots. Best Roofing employs trained professional installers who specialize in sloped roof installation.