Best Roofing Goes Green

November 04, 2010

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While Best Roofing has always offered eco-friendly options for roof installations such as a metal roofing system or their Cool Roof System, they are really going “green” with their Garden Roofing System, both figuratively and literally.

Best Roofing can install the ultimate choice for green roof installations by combining the waterproofing power of TPO roofing membrane with the natural beauty of hearty vegetation décor so your roof can have the best of both worlds: green and durable.

Also known as “living roofs”, a green roof can serve several purposes for a building, such as creating natural insulation, absorbing rainwater, excellent temperature control and creating an environment for wildlife.  It can also help to promote a better air quality by putting out more oxygen into the environment.

Green roofs not only add visual interest and environmental benefits, they also offer great values such as saving energy, receiving tax incentives and hassle-free installation.

One of the financial bonuses of the Garden Roofing System is it stays cooler than a traditional roof so less energy is used on air-conditioning, thus decreasing your monthly energy bills.

Another bonus is the “green” tax benefits offered by Federal and some state and local governments that include garden-style roofing.

Since the Garden Roofing System is an easy roof installation and can be done quickly, there will less disruption to you, your business or your tenants.

From industrial roofing, residential roofing and commercial roofing, the “greener” way seems to the best choice for South Florida roofing.  Contact one of our friendly experts with Best Roofing at 888.723.BEST (2378) to find out how to get your Garden Roofing System installed and planted today.