Mercedes-Benz of Delray Beach Goes Cost-Efficient with New Roof

October 29, 2010

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With the economy in an unstable state, everyone is looking to save a buck these days.  Companies are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to save money and become more efficient in the future.

When it came time to do a roof replacement, high-end luxury car dealer Mercedes-Benz of Delray in Palm Beach County was no exception.  Energy happens to be the third-highest overhead expenditure according to the National Automobile Dealers Association, so they wanted to try to reduce energy costs for their automobile dealership.

Best Roofing of South Florida was called in to apply their Single-Ply Membrane Roofing System, which is commonly known as a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing system.  Not only is it eco-friendly, but due to its ability to reflect heat, it also reduces the amount of energy costs because it takes less gas or electricity to run an air conditioning system.  Here in South Florida, where the air conditioning runs most of the year, the savings for a large commercial building are substantial.

Another great feature of the TPO roofing system is that it lasts longer than almost all flat roof systems, which save companies money on roof maintenance, roof repairs and roof replacement costs.

With all the knowledge and experience of commercial roofing installation, a highly trained professional staff and no use of outside contractors or equipment, the choice was easy.  When it comes to Palm Beach County roofing contractors, Best Roofing is one of the most respected.

Mercedes-Benz of Delray is very satisfied with their new roof, and are confident it will protect their building from the elements and bring future savings to their dealership.