Best Roofing Successfully Replaces Roof for Industrial Company

February 09, 2011

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Best Roofing in Fort Lauderdale has been providing the South Florida community with top quality service in the roofing industry for decades. Over the years, Best Roofing has successfully completed many difficult restoration and replacement projects, none more notoriously tricky than those for industrial buildings. Commercial industrial roofing issues can put a wrench in and negatively affect day-to-day business operations. However, repairing the roof can come with its own set of problems. Due to their reputation, Barfield Inc. contacted Best Roofing to replace the roof with minimal disruption.

Barfield Inc. is a component repair company that has been in business for over 62 years, servicing Boeing and other regional aircraft carriers.  With production to uphold at their Miami service location, it was important to undergo a relatively quiet installation as to not to disturb activity. Barfield received a 3-ply Modified Built-Up Roof System that took 60 days to install, with a 20-year warranty. The challenge with this building was the 5 different roof levels, structures and decks. The building was uniquely shaped, a challenge that Best Roofing experts are more than familiar with and attuned to. Workers designed and successfully installed the new system working both with and around the intricacies of the building’s design. When it comes to industrial buildings, Best Roofing’s main objective is to provide quality service without disrupting daily operations.

Since 1978, Best Roofing of Fort Lauderdale has delivered on their promises, while upholding their core values and beliefs. The Best Roofing reputation in South Florida speaks for itself, with a customer service philosophy that rises above the rest. A full roof replacement can help save your company thousands of dollars. Contact a Best Roofing technician today for more information at 888-723-BEST.