Nirvana Condominiums Multi-Roof Project a Success

January 26, 2011

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South Florida, Miami in particular, is home to an eclectic mixture of building styles, both aesthetically pleasing and architecturally complex. These types of structures, especially older condominium buildings, can prove to be a challenge when repairing or replacing a roof. Nirvana Condominiums is located in a coveted waterfront Miami location, overlooking the Biscayne Bay. With lush gardens and courtyards, Nirvana consists of five individual condominium buildings that range in size, with separate roofs and deck tops. This landscape presented unique challenges, as there was some difficulty accessing the roof and replacing the decks. Since Best Roofing specializes in hotel and multi-family buildings, the management from Nirvana Condominiums contracted our professionals. The project was a success and the skilled roofers installed a Modified Bitumen Roofing System, as well as a Metal Roofing System within 90 days. The project covered 83,000 square feet and has a 20-year warranty.

Buildings of this nature can be very challenging to work with, and Best Roofing prides itself on providing premium quality roof systems that are backed by their knowledgeable team. Proper management is equally essential, as it is the key element in ensuring the satisfaction of any residential community.

Best Roofing has successfully provided many South Florida businesses with all of their roofing needs. Equipped with a 24-hour emergency response team, Best Roofing can handle any situation their customers may encounter. Whether it’s roof repair, restoration or installment, Best Roofing offers outstanding services to meet the needs of any roofing project and extend the life and integrity of a building. Contact our experts today at 1-888-723-BEST.