Best Roofing’s Apprentice Program

August 07, 2015

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Best Roofing’s Apprentice Program

At Best Roofing, we provide to select individuals who are on a career path with specialized training that is essential in becoming a certified roofing expert. These select trainees will attend ABC Training Institute, ABC Training Institute is an approved apprenticeship program provider of the Florida Department of Education, Department of Labor and the Department of Veteran Affairs, Benefit Division.

Best Roofing has selected 6 of our employees this year to receive training to become experts in the commercial roofing industry.  ABC roofing apprenticeship program is a 3 year training program offering hands on classes, lectures, labs and on the job training. Classes are held once a week from 6pm to 10pm. Labs are help Saturdays once a month from 8am-12am Saturday mornings. This program is designed to help our employees gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a certified roofing expert. Best Roofing believes in bringing out the best out our employees and helping them grow in their careers here at Best Roofing.certificate

Jorge Becerra has completed his first year of the 3 year program. Pictured below is Jorge with his instructor Mr. Richard Murton. Jorge recently was promoted from running at Service truck to become an Account Manager for the service department at Best Roofing.




“This program is helping me gain the experience and knowledge I need to become a certified roofing expert.  Best Roofing is helping me grow as a roofing professional and provides me with the necessary training I need to be successful in the roofing industry.”  --–Jorge B.