The Sun & Your Roof

July 31, 2015

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The Sun & Your Roof

Summer time is considered the best time of year. It is also the time of year that the sun is most likely to damage your roof. Summertime always bring high temperatures and strong sun rays.


Although your roof can endure many weather extremes, intense sunshine on the roof and excessive heat can really damage the roof. Damage from the sun and the heat can often be extreme, so extreme that you may need to replace the roof before the roof life cycle ends. Some heat exhaustion reasons are;

  1. Ultra Violet Radiation

Every day the sun deteriorates the roofing material little by little. Even on the most cloudy and cooler days. The UV rays from the sun damage and break down the roof. Exposure of UV rays from the sun causes the oils in the roof to dry out. The roofing material becomes dry and brittle and slowly loses the waterproofing quality.

  1. Heat

Heat accelerates the breakdown process. The damage done from the UV rays is sped up when the weather is extremely hot.

  1. Thermal Shock

Expansion and contraction happens every day and this is considered as thermal shock. The sun's heat makes the roof stretch out during the day. At night, when the sun isn't as strong and eventually goes down, it cools the roof causing it to contract.

Do you see any signs of heat exhaustion on your roof? Don't wait until you have a major problem and a major cost. Stay up to date and have regular inspections on your roof to prevent costly damages.