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November 28, 2016

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Best Tradition

Giving Back Before Giving Thanks

Many of us grew up in a comfortable, need-free environment, with access to good education and great opportunities. That's why we like to share days like Thanksgiving with our parents, family and good friends. These special people helped us pass the worst storms, but, were also there to celebrate our greatest joys. However, there are many people who did not grow up with the same opportunities or support that our loved ones gave us; could you imagine going through life without it? Wouldn’t you like to share the same happiness your loved ones gave to you, with those who are in need? 

Best Roofing has been working with the Pantry of Broward for many years and for holidays such as Thanksgiving. It has become Best Roofing’s tradition to collect different goods from employees. The food collected for the Pantry of Broward is distributed between seniors who struggle with low fixed income and grandparents raising their children. Pantry of Broward doesn’t only provide nutritional food but also affordable housing and a helping hand. Today, once again, Best Roofing and their staff understand the importance to help the community. They just don’t want to bring a plate to their table; their purpose is to send a message saying “there’s someone who cares and who is willing to share”. The entire staff collectively worked hard together collecting many boxes of goods that will tomorrow be a blessing for someone who deserves it.