Breakfast of Champions

December 22, 2016

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As always, the holiday season at Best Roofing is a season of sharing, caring and giving.  It has become a tradition that the office staff makes and serves breakfast to the field employees; along with the company giving a pair of steel toe boots to every single field worker as recognition for their hard work and dedication.

This year’s breakfast was a bit different.  About a year ago, Best Roofing opened an office in Miami, which has been a success and is constantly growing. This was the reason why the office staff, currently based in Fort Lauderdale, decided to perform two Breakfast for Champions this year. The office staff arrives to both locations before sunrise to set up chairs, tables and more, and cook eggs, pancakes, tortillas, and chorizo (Latin sausage) for all field employees. They can take a breather, enjoy their food and socialize amongst the other crews. Once they are done eating, they can collect their boots.

This is a way to remind the field employees how grateful and how much the office staff appreciates them and their hard work! Without them, Best Roofing would not be where it is today!