City of Deerfield Beach Uses Best Roofing

August 20, 2010

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Companies shouldn’t have to constantly worry about the roof protecting their valuable business assets. An office building roof needs to be durable and persevere through troublesome conditions, much like the companies it shelters. Best Roofing provides peace of mind and dependable roofing construction for office buildings. We can help companies and building owners avoid the expensive damage and loss of equipment, documents and machinery due to an outdated or unkempt roof.

Best Roofing conducted a roof replacement for the City of Deerfield Beach Main Facility. We installed a Best Roofing Cool Roof System to the 30,000 square foot facility. A special challenge during the project was the difficult access to the roof of the main facility, but our trained professionals overcame the obstacles and completed the roof replacement in 90 days.

The Cool Roof System will significantly benefit the City of Deerfield Beach Main Facility because the white single ply surface will not only protect the building, but help with energy efficiency. In Florida today, heat is a building’s biggest enemy. Without proper protection, the Florida sun can make any room under a roof uncomfortable and expensive to keep cool.

The Best Roofing Cool Roof System is the smartest roofing investment any Florida business can make.  Built with a reflective resurfacing compound called Sun Block, the Cool Roof keeps the temperature of your roof and the building underneath it at a constant and comfortable temperature. It extends roof life, lowers room temperatures and radically reduces energy costs.  You may even be qualified for an energy rebate from your local power company!

We have the technology to calculate your savings if you choose to use a Cool Roof System. Just call one of our friendly roofing experts at 888.723.BEST if you decide to turn your roofing system into a Cool Roof System.