New Cool Roof System Saves St. Gregory Parish on Energy Costs

August 26, 2010

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In an effort to become more energy efficient, St. Gregory the Great Catholic Parish and School has contracted Best Roofing to install a Cool Roof System for their campus at 200 N. University Drive in Plantation, Florida. The new white roof system reflects heat, keeping energy costs for the building down and reducing the effects of global warming.
Cool Rool System - Energy Efficient RoofSt. Gregory the Great Catholic Parish and School is taking strides to become more energy efficient for their congregation.  “The energy efficient white reflective roof and increased insulation will save St. Gregory’s Parish over $24,000 on the annual energy bill. This is an example of good stewardship of our world’s energy resources and the parish budget. The project has been professionally done since the proposals were discussed and work implemented. ‘Best’ is doing their best for the greater good of the Archdiocese of Miami and the Great people of St. Gregory,” says James Detrick, the Archdiocese of Miami Building Commission Assistant Director.

Because St. Gregory serves as a school, it was a priority to complete construction before fall classes begin. The contract for the roofing project was signed on July 15, 2010. Best Roofing and the City of Plantation expedited the permitting process to begin the roofing project on August 9 – and completed it in only 10 working days.  Best Roofing doubled its crew size in order to finish the project before school started on August 23.

Best Roofing provided a roof replacement on the St. Gregory School and Gymnasium. The existing roof was black asphalt with an insulation R- value of R-4. Best Roofing installed a white reflective Cool Roof System that increased the insulation value to R-19.  With much higher reflectivity, the building will stay cooler in the Florida heat, keeping energy costs for air conditioning down.

The new roof comes with a 20-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and a 5-Year workmanship warranty and maintenance agreement from Best Roofing.   Best Roofing’s Cool Roof System is the smartest roofing investment for any building in Florida. A Best Roofing Cool Roof System extends roof life, lowers room temperatures and radically reduces energy costs. To learn about how much you can save by converting to a Cool Roof System, call Best Roofing’s roof experts at 1-888-723-BEST.

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