Extend your Coverage 25% With the GAF Well Roof Advantage

August 27, 2012

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The best way to extend the life of your roof is to perform regular inspection and maintenance.  GAF is offering the Well Roof Advantage ™ program- a 25% extension of your GAF Diamond Pledge™  NDL Guarantee 'FREE ' when you perform regular inspection and maintenance through their Master Select  Roofing Contractors, such as Best Roofing.

How the Program Works

Install Your Roof
Have your new roof installed by a GAF Master Select contractor and include a GAF Diamond Pledge NDL Guarantee.  Any GAF roof installed within the last two years that included a Diamond Pledge guarantee is also eligible.

Notify GAF
Any any time during the first two years of your guarantee, let GAF know that you would like to participate in the Well Roof Advantage Program

They Remind You!
Before your annual maintenance inspections are due, GAF will send you a reminder letter with all of the information you will need to schedule your inspection.

Have your Master Select Roofing Contractor perform annual inspections in accordance with the GAF Maintenance Program

Have your Master Select Roofing Contractor carry out any necessary repairs

Annually, send a copy of the roof inspection form and maintenance documentation from your Master Select Roofing Contractor, along with a minimum of six photos showing the condition of the roof and critical details to GAF starting on the second anniversary of the completion of the roofing system as noted on the Diamond Pledge Guarantee.