Heat Damage On Your Roof

July 24, 2015

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Heat Damage On Your Roof

Extreme heat is bad for the structure of your roof. High temperatures can really destroy your roof. Heat can cause many issues with your roof. Heat can cause your roof to expand. Heat can make asphalt shingles to become cracked.  The heat that’s baking your shingles may be the reason why the top floor is so hot. Heat can also blister the shingles and could damage the edges of the shingle. Heat possess an extreme risk for your roof.Roofing Heat Damage

If the top level of your building is very hot, it could damage your roof decking. It causes the roof top to warp and break down.

Drying of caulk and asphalt shingles can shorten the life of your roof by destroying the structure. Caulk around flashing can fail. This type of damage is hard to find, but it will cause the roof to leak sooner.

You may not know how to tell if caulk is still in good condition, but you can call a professional to complete a roof inspection for you. Best Roofing are leaders in commercial roofing and can do an inspection for you before a leak starts.Roofing Heat Damage

Choosing the right materials for your roof can also help prevent heat damage. Asphalt shingles are a good choice if you live in a cool climate. For warm climates you would want to use metal, clay tiles or even concrete. Selecting a light color for your roof will help keep the roof cool by reflecting heat.

Take following steps annually to care for your roof;

1)     Install vapor barriers that decrease moisture

2)     Coat and seal the roof to protect against UV rays that can cause damage

3)     Paint the roof white to keep the surface cool

4)     Change the roof from asphalt to a material like tile, which is much cooler and more     reflective.

5)     Apply periodic acrylic coatings to withstand the roof from thermal shock

6)     Stay ahead of the game and maintain roof maintenance