Prepare for a Hurricane Checklist

May 15, 2015

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SAFE 365 Logo Orange Tansparent Prepare for a Hurricane Checklist

Understanding hurricanes and staying prepared is key. Here is a helpful checklist to keep you prepared.

 Get a roof inspection from Best Roofing to determine the condition of your roof

prior to the storm.

 Make a list of outdoor items, such as lawn furniture or yard tools, to bring inside during a hurricane watch.

 Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed.Jake Yellow Hat 2

 Make sure your gutters and drains are clear to prevent flooding during the long bouts of heavy rain that often accompany hurricanes.

 Use permanent hurricane shutters on windows and doors. This is much safer and more effective than taping the glass, which does not prevent breakage.

 Protect the outside of windows with shutters or plywood.

 Check the news frequently to get storm updates

 Develop an evacuation plan. Contact your local emergency management office or local chapter of the American Red Cross for information about the safest evacuation routes and locations of nearby shelters.

 Have blankets or sleeping bags available in case you need to go to a shelter.

 Determine in advance what you will do with any pets.

 Have a hurricane kit ready by stocking up on disaster supplies such as flashlights and extra batteries, a battery-operated radio, a first aid kit, emergency food and water and a handheld can opener.

 Invest in flood insurance for your home because homeowner's policies do not cover the damage caused by hurricane-related floods.
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