What To Do After A Hurricane

May 22, 2015

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What To Do After A Hurricane

What To Do After A Hurricane
Even after a hurricane, dangerous situations and injury are still very possible. It is extremely important to keep safety information in mind.  Here are some tips for how to keep your family safe after a hurricane.

Before you do anything

  • Listen to the local radio or watch the local television station for information and instructions and whether or not it is safe to return home. Certain things may be limited like roads and access to stores and public transportation.
  • If you have been told to relocate to a safe location, stay where you are until authorities give you the okay to return home.
  • Only drive if it is absolutely necessary.What To Do After A Hurricane
  • Do NOT drive through any water.
  • Stay away from floodwaters.
  • Be aware of fallen power lines. Do not drive through or over any water that may contain downed lines.
  • Stay aware. Keep your radio or television tuned to local news and emergency broadcasts for updated information.

If you are at home or in your building

  • Be wary of fallen power lines on or near your building or home. Contact your utility company if you notice an electrical hazard.
  • Do not let children play in the street. There could be health hazards from an overflow of sewage.
  • Contact your insurance company right away. Be sure to grab pictures or videos of your damage, if any.
  • Smell gas? Check for gas leaks. If you smell gas, open a window and quickly leave the building.
  • Check for electrical system damage.
  • Help a neighbor, you never know who may need assistance.

For further information, contact your local Fire Department.